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Each of us is constantly changing…

The solo contemporary circus performance “STAV” is a parallel to a woman on her life path. Time is running and she is changing in every moment. Who was she at the beginning and who is she now? What comes after? The constant yet unconscious metamorphosis of physical and mental state is visualised and communicated through the movement of the acrobat.

Based on aerial acrobatics on rope it also focuses on principals and patterns of animal movement. The performance is designed to enrich also those looking for pushing their boundaries in imagination as much as those who enjoy imagery itself. The story is an inspiration for consciousness of ones own life transformation. 


Performer: Alžběta Tichá

Aerial rope coach: Evgeniya Kalugina

Collaboration with: Cécile da Costa, Ondřej Holba, Thomas Falk, Birgit Haberkamp, Marlène Rubinelli Music: Jakub Štourač

Lights: Vojta Brtnický

Costume: Simona Drábová

Camera: Jan Jirák, Jiří Janecký Special

Photo: Simon Roubal, Vojta Brtnický 

Duration: 18min

Premiere: 18.5.2021

Thanks to all people who I met on my way during the creation. The creation has been started within the last year of education at Codarts –University of Circus Arts in Netherlands. The creation process was supported (co-produced) by Zero point festival, KD Mlejn, Cirqueon, DivadloX10, Codarts, Fun Fatal festival.

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